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Who We Are 

PHP stands as a vanguard in the realm of building material provisions. We take immense pride in our status as a South African company , driven by women’s empowerment , and possessing a BBBEE Level 2 accreditation. Our headquarters are situated in Cape Town. In addition to our material supply endeavours , we maintain a dedicated construction division, which boasts a CIDB 7GB PE, 7CE PE (10226889) classification, and is duly enrolled with the NHBRC.

Recognized as an accredited vendor for the City of Cape Town, NHBRC, and the DoHS (Department of Human Settlements), we are authorized to furnish material across all tiers of governmental entities. Our distinct advantage lies in the presence of our construction division, affording us an enhanced comprehension of your construction site, development project or individual undertaking. Our identity transcends that of a mere building material supplier; we aspire to function as your personal procurement agent, diligently serving your needs.

The Team

PHP was established under the leadership of profoundly experienced technical suppliers, who collectively possess an impressive span of 60 years in the hardware retail trade. Notably, Mr. Bazan, with a tenure of 40 years, Mr. Bazan’s distinguished career comprises a substantial 30-year association with the highly successful Campwell Hardware group. His integral role as a family member encompassed the transition of Campwell, culminating in the establishment of the renowned Buco Hardware. Guiding this adept team is our esteemed director, Yoemna Hartley, who ensures that the fundamental ethos underpinning each undertaken project remains steadfast—a dedication to delivering meticulously planned, sustainable, and pioneering housing developments, coupled with a commitment to providing superior yet affordable building supplies.
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PHP offers clients, value for money products with SABS, NHBRC and Agrément certificates. Our longstanding, respected relationship with our suppliers ensures that we are given a very high credit rating. This gives us the potential to handle large projects.

We also have a strong network of professional construction and civil team, building contractors and sub-contractors which results in the completion of projects of an excellent quality within budget and time period. PHP also has a complete building material range to offer turnkey projects. With our hands-on building experience, we do understand the contractors needs and challenges.

Our main goal is to help our clients meet their business objectives through our technical excellence, efficient organisation, best practice and personal service. We also endeavour to be the “first choice” in the supply of building material.

The satisfaction of service delivery that we at PHP have offered our previous clients can well be shared with all future clients.

The 4 Govan Mbeki Awards speaks for itself

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